Our Programs

Follow the Son is a licensed, five star child care center, offering quality care to children 6 weeks to 12 years old, in a Christian environment. Follow the Son offers first and second shift child care.


Early Childhood Programs

Follow the Son provides an educational program designed to meet the needs of the whole child. This program is based on the knowledge that young children are active learners, who are involved in a process which allows them to use all their senses as they talk, work, and play with others and materials. Teachers plan activities and arrange stimulating learning environments which are appropriate for the different developmental stages of a child’s life.

Infant &Toddler Program

The infant and toddler program provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which teachers play and talk with children as they care for their needs. They are cared for in a manner which assists them in developing trust in their surroundings and teachers. Lesson plans for these age groups include many sensory activities and outdoor play. Infants have stable, consistent routines that are based on their own schedules for eating, resting, and playing. Toddlers are encouraged to develop independence while maintaining a sense of security. 

 Parents will inform the teacher when their child is indicating readiness for toilet training. An informal conference will be held to explain the center's policies and procedures for toilet training. Consistency between home and the center is especially important in these areas. No child will begin toilet training until both physical and emotional readiness is present.



Preschool Program 

The preschool program includes daily activities which are planned around units of study, that are interesting and meaningful to young children. A balanced schedule provides experiences in group and individual settings. Stories, music, language experiences, projects, and discussion of unit studies take place in groups. Individually, children choose learning center activities in which they can work and play in pairs, in small groups, or alone. Teachers also work with children individually to assess where they are academically, to better plan for each child's individual needs.

What we do

Follow the Son, is committed to providing quality care in a safe, consistent, and enriched environment where developmentally appropriate activities encourage exploration and "hands on" learning.

— Teneshia Tyson , Owner.



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